14 August 2019

Update on the 2 blouses

The first is a short sleeve blouse (Burdastyle 10.2015) with pleats around the neck, in stunning spring colors.

Close up images below of the pleats around the neck, facings and the short raglan sleeves. I decided on rounding the bottom edge seams and then ended up leaving a little opening higher up on the side seam.

Woohoo, the blouse looks great and the raglan style fits amazing too. The pleats around the neck gives plenty of space for the bust and chest area and very flattering also. 
Another stunning addition to my work wardrobe and will go with any of my black, blue and white pants!


The 2nd blouse (from Burdastyle 6.2019) has long sleeves with a bunch of pleats and a wide eye-catching placket at the front of the blouse.

So here are close-ups of the slit openings at the cuffs, below.

It took me a little longer than I thought it would, only 'cause it requires a little test run and then lots of patience and slow going on the machine.


Here are the 2 sleeves side by side, ready to insert into the arm holes.

Next, I will attach the cuff bands and button holes with buttons, attach the sleeves to the bodice and finally the finishing of the remaining part of the neckline.

And another look at the placket, this time completed, on the inside and the outside. I didn't tuck in the seams as some of the tutorials suggested. The overlocking stitches on the edges won't peek out or be visible to anyone but me, and I'm totally fine with that.


I can't wait to wear my new blouses in the coming months. Spring is just around the corner and the long sleeve blouse is cool enough in the cotton/viscose fabric that I will get a lot of wear out of it and it's perfect addition to my work outfits!

06 August 2019

My current projects - 2 blouses

So, I got a bit cutting happy and drafted 2 blouse patterns. Well, ideally you have to use up previously bought fabric before buying anything new right? And since there was a sale at my favorite fabric store, and I couldn't leave without getting at least 4 new pieces of fabric... well, that's where I got where I am, busy constructing 2 blouses simultaneously.

The first is a short sleeve blouse (Burdastyle 10.2015) with pleats around the neck. It had to be a spring/summer blouse because of the cool colors in the fabric. 
Burdastyle 10.2015

Front and Back folded, sleeves and facings
So far, I've sewn the pleats on the front top piece and attached the front to the back at the side seams.  
Next I will be hauling out the overlocker to tidy up and cover stitch the seams. After which comes the sleeves and then the neck facings, ironing on stiffening before attaching to the top. There is a small opening on the back neck, and that is easily incorporated with the neck facing pieces. Wow, this blouse is going pretty fast! 

I decided not to insert the funny flappy thingies on the sides of the blouse. I don't know what that is all about, but I cut the bottom of the blouse slightly wider and will do a standard fold-over seam.

The 2nd blouse (from Burdastyle 6.2019) has prominent long sleeves that has a zillion pleats to be sewn at the cuffs and a wide eye-catching placket at the front of the blouse. 
Burdastyle Blouse 06.2019

I noticed that there aren't any bust darts, so I hope the width of the blouse and the neck opening allows for enough movement.
Here are images of the work in progress on the sleeves. So far, I've transferred the markings for the pleats on to the fabric pieces and then pinned each pleat in preparation for stitching.

Sleeve Pattern with cuff darts
Next up is the neck opening with the placket pieces pinned and ready to be sewn. This is officially my first attempt at doing a placket so I had to do a bit of research for the steps. Luckily there are many how-to's to be found, so I think I've got the idea... 
Neck opening with placket, in progress
Anyway, up-wards and on-wards. I will update with more as I go along but I think these babies should be done by the weekend ( I hope). 

08 July 2019

Catching up on my latest quilt projects

So, as update on a the earlier post about my latest beachy quilt, I now can show you the final pictures. The quilt finally got done - I finished the edges with a wide light blue bias strip around the edges and rounded corners and used a binding sewing foot to keep all the layers of fabric and laying flat while stitching.

Perhaps it's not the right colors for the cold winter months we are experiencing in Johannesburg right now, but I absolutely love the blue and beige colors as it reminds me of the beautiful blue sky on a typical winter's day and of the different blue colors of the ocean. The colors and the style is so soothing.. I think I'm totally sold on the hexagon shape and could definitely make another hexagon quilt in the future. Mmmm, maybe it's time to check my scrappy stash again..... 

So now the next scrappy quilt project I'm planning is for my daughter in various left-over blue and pink fabrics. I just love the idea of little Russian dolls (in various sizes) in the centre of each block and I am about half way with the final number of blocks, so here is a little pic to give you an idea of the overall look. 

And in order to create the pattern with the pink and blue fabric strips, the colors are strategically placed. The right and bottom strips are shades of blue and the left and top fabrics strips are in different shades of pink. 

After these are done, I will add another layer of pink and blue strips around to get to the final block size. 
Below is an example of 4 log cabin blocks, that placed together, make this visual pattern.