04 March 2019

Toddler Harem pants

I have this lovely piece of black and white fabric with polka dots in my stash that I bought to make a cute pair of pants for my little girl. She is 3 years old and loves climbing and riding bikes and a real little wiggle worm.

The pattern is easy enough to draft yourself as the front and back panels are cut out on fold and there's only the 2 side seams and one long curvy seam in the middle.


To draft the pattern, I've taken an existing pair of loose fitting pants and placed it on the fabric fold but at an angle. See the above diagram that I found on Pinterest.

OK, so the trick to get the fit right is inserting a gusset in the crotch area , which is easy enough to draft and insert as well.

With the gusset in place, extra space is created over the crotch area. You know, for bending over and climbing up playground equipment.

The gusset is a oval shape and shown here. I've taken the picture before doing the overlock seam finish.

Final steps are the elastic waistband and the bottom leg seams which I have folded outwards.

01 March 2019

Beachy Hexagon Quilt

On my to do list of sewing projects, I always have a quilt in varying stages of completion waiting to be worked on. My latest project is such a quilt.

I have a huge scrappy stash in big bags and when it looks like its about to burst, I take a little peek inside to see if I have enough off cuts of fabric to start a quilt. Well the bag with blue fabric off cuts were nearing such a stage and so the scratch and dig began.

This quilt is based on the Sexy Hexy Love Quilt design from Amy Butler design and the pattern is downloadable from this weblink. Thank you Amy Butler!


The hexagon pattern instantly caught my eye. I was intrigued with the shapes and pieces to make up the large circle like hexagons and thought it will look very striking once it's spread out over a bed.

The quilts I've done in the past were made up of blocks, strips and triangles and are pretty straightforward in the sense that you just cut out a bazillion blocks and/or strips and figure out the correct placement of the rows before the arduous task of stitching it all together.

By doing this design I hoped on cutting down on sewing-time as the pieces are much bigger and still has a final striking image that catches the eye.

The colour palette is beachy, with all the shades of blue (from the above mentioned scrap fabric stash) and to balance, I added neutrals of grey and beige.

I was inspired by memories of going to the beach and thinking of the different shades of blue in the water and sky and colour of the sand and sea shells.


OK, so here we are. At this point I had chosen the fabrics, cut them out from the pattern pieces and had stitched the hexagon halves together.

Placement of halves

Now to do the placement and make sure all the dark colours don't end up all bunched together in one side of the quilt and that the patterns are evenly spaced out.

There are solids, polka dot's, tiny flowers and even stripe prints in this mish-mash and it's exactly how I wanted it to be. The many shades of blues will tie all the blocks nicely together for the overall look.

Final placement and numbering of rows
I will load up final images of the completed quilt top sheet so that you can see the overall look as its ready for the final stage of assembly. 
Lay it out over a layer of batting (middle) and a layer of soft cotton fabric as the underside of the quilt.

28 February 2019

Additions to my sewing workspace

And so in 2012 I decided to take the plunge. It was time to finally get the long overdue and much needed overlocker.
Having decided on the perfect model - it's a Bernina 610D, it's now just a question of finalising the purchase and swipe, swipe, swipe!
Bernina 610D Overlocker

This will be the perfect addition to my Bernina sewing machine, which I got the previous year. It is still going strong and such a joy to operate!

Bernina Bernette
Since getting these 2 Bernina machines, I had endless hours of joy. Just look at these gorgeous things!
Sewing machine pair
I've also acquired a sewing cabinet so now I can easily close it up when all the sewing has been done and don't have the unsightly view of threads and bits lying around.

To complete my sewing ensemble, I’m bought a little second-hand machine in 2017. It is an Elna 2002 and she will act as my backup machine and travel buddy.
Elna 2002
Every couple of months or so, I get together with my sewing group friends for a few hours to catch up, debate, give advice and sew of course! Ha ha!
Each have our projects with us and so we can look see and maybe learn a thing or two. This little baby is perfect to travel with as she is so much more compact than the Bernina. She is a little “basic”, but a sturdy little machine that doesn’t fuss or bother.

Rani dress-form

Ooooh and my latest (for 2019) is an adjustable dress-form! Her name is Rani and she is standing tall and proud next to the sewing cabinet and did I mention that she is green?  
Her torso did look a little funny to me, but then I found the part that allows for the waist to elongate and she looks so much better for it.

What makes her unique compared to other similar models is that you can try on pants thanks to the little gap in the front for a pants crotch.

Rani dress-form

 And so my workspace is complete. For now…. 

I would like an improvement on the space I currently have for all my creative endeavours…maybe a studio in the future? I will add that to Santa’s list.